Around Town Cakes

My dear friends, associates, customers and cake lovers, I have some news that comes with mixed emotions regarding our 5 year history together.

When I started this little project, I was an "at home" mom and wife. The deteriorating economy was affecting our family just like many of yours, and this was a way to earn a little extra to help care for my family. I never could have imagined that my community would respond the way you have to having home baked and decorated sweets. In those first couple of years, however, I also began working a limited part time job to supplement very spotty and seasonal cake sales.

These two part time jobs have worked side by side for a long time now, and have both grown to a point that one was crowding out the other. It is on that point that I must now inform you of my intention to rectify a very busy (too busy!) schedule.

Effective immediately, I am drastically reducing the number of orders that I will accept. This will affect most of you very directly, as you have grown accustomed to calling or messaging me for all of your special celebrations. I will fulfill all commitments that I currently have, and I will accept a limited number of orders based on my available time outside of commitments to family, church, and my full time employer. My schedule for the rest of 2014 is full, and I am normally booked out for 3 to 4 months for the level of baking I plan on doing.

This was not an easy choice to make, as I know many of you have counted on me for your birthdays, showers, weddings, and many other occasions that you have hired me for.

Thanks for your understanding. It has been a lot of fun these last few years, and I am very glad for the new friends I have made.

Kathy Temple

~~~ home baked and decorated cakes and cupcakes ~~~